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Puppy & Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens take a little extra work to set up for a healthy and happy life, but it is so worth it! The doctors and staff at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital are here to support you in being the best pet parent to your new puppy or kitten.

Caring For Your New Pet

Congratulations on being a new pet parent! Puppies and kittens require some special attention during their first year of life to keep them growing healthy and strong. And the special bond you will develop with your pet will make it so worth it.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital we are committed to helping you nurture your bond with your adorable new puppy or kitten by providing carefully scheduled, recommended veterinary services that will prevent disease and optimize overall health.

Step #1 for new pet parents is to pick up the phone and call us to schedule your pet's very first wellness visit. It's essential we see your young pet right way, to get them started on important, timely examinations, vaccine schedules, parasite testing and dewormers, and any other care they may need to thrive.

We are your best resource if you have any questions at all about your new pet's health or behavior!

Spay/Neuter Procedure

Neutering, the process of removing the testicles from a male pet, and spaying, the procedure to remove the ovaries of a female pet, are important procedures for every pet owner to consider. Neutering or spaying your pet has many benefits, such as:

  • Protecting against fatal diseases, including multiple types of cancer, reproductive tract diseases, and bacterial infections.
  • Eliminating unwanted behavior, such as aggression towards pets of the same sex, marking of territory, and roaming.
  • Helping reduce pet overpopulation and thus reducing the number of pets without homes.

We highly recommend the spay-neuter procedure for nearly all of our patients. We understand that the thought of your puppy or kitten undergoing surgery can be scary, but at Oakhurst Veterinary Clinic we promise we will take every precaution available to ensure your pet’s safety.

Microchip Identification

Losing a pet is an unnerving experience for a pet owner, and just imagine how scared a lost pet is. That’s why the medical team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital recommends all pets be microchipped. Collars and ID tags are also encouraged. The more identification, the better!

Microchip identification is for a lifetime. Implantation is simple and painless. Your pet won’t feel a thing! A tiny microchip is gently implanted beneath the skin and between the shoulder blades similar to a routine vaccination. Once your pet is microchipped, be sure to register your current contact information. If you ever move or change phone numbers, make note to update your pet’s microchip too!

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